Convert Vhs To Dvd Using Hardware & Software

Sustain the quality content stored on your old VHS tapes by converting them to the more reliable DVD disc format. Converting your VHS tapes to DVD not only makes your videos compatible with current video players, it also ensures that your video content will last a lifetime. Using common audio and video components–along with some free software–you can convert your analog VHS tapes into digital form.


1. Connect your VHS player to your computer’s video capture card. Plug one end of your composite video cable into the yellow composite out, or video out port on your VHS player and plug the opposite end of the cable into your capture card’s yellow composite “video in” port.

2. Connect your VHS player to your computer’s sound card. Plug the red and white ends of the RCA to 1/8-inch audio cable into the matching red and white ports on your VHS player, and then plug the other 1/8-inch end of the cable into the “line in” port on your sound card.

3. Connect your VHS player to its power source, and then power it on. Insert your VHS tape into your VHS player, and then cue that tape up to the position where you wish to begin recording.

4. Download and install a copy of the WinAVI Video Capture program a secure website. Launch the program after the installation has completed.

5. Press “Play” on your VHS player and then click the “Record” button on WinAVI Video Capture–the program will record the video into its DVD format by default. Press “Stop” when you are done recording.

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6. Insert a blank DVD disc into your computer’s CD/DVD-ROM drive. Click the “Burn” icon in WinAVI Video Capture to open the Burning menu. Your recording video file(s) will be listed under the “Video Clips” heading. Click on the “Burn” button at the top of the menu to begin burning your DVD.