Convert Super 8 Video To Dvd

Transfer Super 8mm video to DVD.

Though a popular home video medium for quite a while, Super 8 (or High 8) has waned in popularity in recent years. With the rise of mini-DV and hard drive recoding formats, Super 8 has becoming increasingly obsolete and is seen as tedious to view. To preserve footage and increase convenience, a transfer to DVD is a good option. The transfer process is quick and easy, requiring just a few basic steps.


1. Connect your Super 8mm camera to your computer with the FireWire cable.

2. Open your video editing software. There are numerous video editing software programs on the market with varied costs and quality. For a simple video transfer like this, high-end programs like Final Cut and Adobe Premiere are an overkill, so consider basic consumer level programs like Pinnacle or Cyber Link (see Resources).

3. Open the import window of your editing software, click on the listing for your video camera and transfer the video to your hard drive.

4. Click, drag and drop the downloaded clip onto the project timeline. The timeline order runs from left to right, so, if there are multiple clips, place them accordingly.

5. Place a recordable DVD into your computer DVD-ROM burner, and export the Super 8mm video to DVD.

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