Convert Quicktime To Mpeg 4

MPEG is a standard for digital video files used in disc players, computer software and Internet on-demand content streaming. QuickTime MOV files are native to Apple-based video editing applications. The Apple Mac is the leading computer platform for professional video editing and special effects creation. Using video editing or conversion software, you can convert QuickTime MOV files to a variety of MPEG file formats. MPEG-4 is most often used for applications that require high-quality video in a smaller file size to share using high-bandwidth Internet connections.


1. Obtain software that can perform the conversion from QuickTime to MPEG-4. If you have editing software like Final Cut Pro or iMovie, you can use the “Export” feature to select a variety of output options, although they may not appear as MPEG-4. MPEG-4 is actually a file extension associated with H.263 and the much improved H.264 video file format. Your export options may refer to either formats but will actually encode the file using the “MP4” extension and are technically considered MPEG-4 file types.

2. Add your QuickTime MOV file to a project in your video editor or as your source file using a video conversion utility. Once added, you can choose to keep the source file name and destination for the new MPEG-4 file, or configure the output options to rename the file and place it in another folder.

3. Configure your output (or export) settings for H.264 video. If given the option of file extension types, choose MP4.

4. Depending on your software, you may be able to choose from a variety of presets that correspond with specific destinations or hardware devices. If the templates provided do not match your specific need, you can configure the settings to encode the video exactly as you need it. Choose your format size, measured in pixels, and frame rate.

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5. Begin exporting or outputting your QuickTime file to the new MPEG-4 file using the settings specified in Step 4. Depending on the original file size and speed of your computer, the conversion may take several minutes or several hours.