Convert Powerpoint Files To Play On A Dvd Player

If you’re preparing for a big presentation, you may be using Microsoft’s PowerPoint to help your audience follow along. But many things can go wrong with a PowerPoint presentation, from a sticky mouse that refuses to advance the slides, to an accidental keystroke that sends you back to the beginning of your presentation. One way to avoid these pitfalls is to record your presentation on DVD. This will also help you give a more polished presentation, since you’ll need to match your presentation to the DVD–although you can always pause or rewind it if you need to.

Instructions “Full Screen.” Press “Record” in CamStudio. Immediately switch to PowerPoint and press “F5” to start the slide show. Run through it again, just like you rehearsed in Step 2. Wait a few moments at the end of the presentation before you leave the black screen.

4. Exit the presentation and return to CamStudio. Click “Stop.” Name your file and click “Save.”

5. Open your Web browser and go to Click “Downloads” in the left menu, then click the link on the next page to download VirtualDub, a free, bare-bones video editor. Install and open VirtualDub, then open your PowerPoint video file.

6. Press the “Home” key on your keyboard (or click “Edit” > “Set Selection Start”), then move the slider to the point in the video just before the first slide appears. Press the “End” key (or click “Edit” > “Set Selection End”), then “Delete.”

7. Move the slider to the point in the video just after the last slide has disappeared. Press the “Home” key (or click “Edit” > “Set Selection Start”), move the slider to the end of the clip, and press the “End” key (or click “Edit” > “Set Selection End”), then “Delete.” Press “F7,” type in a name for your edited file, and Click “Save.”

8. Insert a blank DVD. Open your computer’s DVD burning program (iDVD on Mac, Windows DVD Maker on Windows) and burn the edited file to the DVD.

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