Convert Power Producer Ppp Files

Converting PowerProducer PPP files requires first burning to disc.

PowerProducer PPP files are created in CyberLink PowerProducer’s video-editing program. The files are not actually video files, but are simply DVD project files that point to the location of video files that are stored on the computer. Since the files do not contain any actual video footage themselves, they cannot be converted in a standard video converter. PowerProducer PPP files are compatible only with the PowerProducer software, so they must be burned in that program before they can be converted.


Burn the Disc

1. Download CyberLink PowerProducer online. A free trial of CyberLink PowerProducer is available at (see Resources).

2. Go to the “Downloads” folder of your computer and double-click the “CyberLink.exe” file to launch the program set-up. Follow the instructions provided in the set-up screens to install the program onto your computer.

3. Launch CyberLink PowerProducer on your computer by going to the “Start” menu, clicking on the “CyberLink” folder and clicking “CyberLink PowerProducer.” If you opted to create a desktop icon during the set-up process, you can launch the program by double-clicking the CyberLink PowerProducer icon on the desktop.

4. Click on the “Open Project” button. When the browse window appears, go to the folder that contains the PPP file that you want to convert, click on the PPP file and press the “Open” button to open the PPP file in CyberLink Power Producer.

5. Insert a blank DVD-R into the computer’s DVD drive. Continue clicking the arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen to get to the last page of the PowerProducer Wizard. Click the button with the burning disc image to burn the DVD to the DVD-R.

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Rip the Image Back Off the Disc

6. Download a DVD-ripper, such as DVD Decrypter or DVDShrink (see Resources). Go to “Downloads,” double-click the set-up icon and follow the screens to install the program.

7. Insert the DVD-R you burned with the PPP file. Launch the DVD-ripper from the computer’s “Start” menu.

8. Change the mode in the program to rip “IFO” files. Click the “Decrypter” or “Rip” button to pull the video files back off the disc. The files are pulled off as separate VOB video files.

9. Go to any online media converter, such as Media-Convert or YouConvertIt (see Resources). Upload the VOB file into the system by clicking the “Upload” or “Browse” button.

10. Select any video file format that you want to convert the PPP file into from the list of video format options provided. Click the “Convert” button and the PPP file is converted into your chosen file type.