Convert Pal To Ntsc In Avid

Convert your video files to NTSC format.

Avid is a video editing system (software, often with accompanying hardware) used by a variety of high-profile editing firms to cut motion pictures. Avid is capable of performing a variety of tasks, including converting PAL to NTSC. Although these two formats are not compatible with smaller video editing programs Avid allows you to mix the formats together if you choose, then export the entire video timeline as an NTSC video.


1. Launch Avid. Select to create a new project, if you don’t have a project currently running, and wait for the display screen to load.

2. Click the “Bin” on the upper-left corner of the program screen. Choose “Edit,” “Import” and select the PAL video file(s) you want to convert to NTSC. Avid scans over the files, then imports the data into the open bin.

3. Click-and-drag the file down to the timeline at the bottom of the page. Repeat this process with any other PAL files.

4. Choose “Edit,” “Export,” then title the video file and select a location to save the video file to. Click on the format pull-down menu and choose the video format you want to create (such as MP4, .mov, .mwv or .avi).

5. Click “Advanced” in the lower left corner, then select “NTSC” as the export frame format. Select “Save,” then click “OK” and the video files export as an NTSC video file.

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