Convert Night Vision To Color

Many camcorders come with night vision technology.

Adding color to night vision footage is done in post production. Night vision works by capturing images in the spectral range and intensity range of the equipment. Unfortunately, the images captured are normally in green, black and white, or glowing color. The images are colorized after they are captured. This is done through a colorization filter in a professional editing program.


1. Load the captured video or images onto the computer.

2. Download and install a professional editing program. Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas or Apple Final Cut are all excellent choices.

3. Download and install a colorization plugin. A plugin is an add-on to a program that works with the software to add another tool or feature. There are many colorization plugins to choose from.

4. Open the editing software.

5. Load the video file into the project.

6. Activate the colorization plugin from the “Effects” or “Filter” menu. Adjust the parameters of the plugin. These will be different depending on the plugin. However, color mapping, palette and a number of other image options should be available. Play with the settings until they are adjusted perfectly for your video. Each video will be different.

7. Save the project and output it.

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