Convert Mts Files For Imovie

Converting your file should be a relatively quick process.

If you’re using iMovie to edit videos, then you’ve probably run into trouble when trying to import your .mts video files to the program. The video format, also called “AVCHD,” is a format used in HD camcorders from Sony and Panasonic. Unfortunately, the files it creates are not ones that can be read in most versions of iMovie. To get those files imported into your video editing program you’ll need to convert the video from the .mts format to another format that iMovie can recognize, using video conversion software.


1. Download a video file converter software that is compatible with Mac and can convert .mts files.

2. Upload the .mts video file to the software that you downloaded by opening the software and then clicking “Add File” or “Convert File.”

3. Select the file format you would like to convert the video to. Different converters may have different options for the output file format, so be sure to check the iMovie “Using footage from DV and non-DV sources” page to see which types of file formats will work with iMovie. One good format — often available with converter programs — is the MPEG-4 format.

4. Select the destination file or folder for your new video file to be saved in.

5. Click “Start” or “Convert” to convert your .mts to the MPEG-4 format.

6. Open iMovie and import your new video file from the file or folder where you saved it in Step 5.

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