Convert Movie Maker Videos To Go Onto Facebook

Your edited videos can have a permanent place in your Facebook profile.

To share your videos on Facebook, you’ll need to convert the files from your editing program to a format that the social networking site recognizes. One of those accepted file types is .WMV, one of the file types you can get when you export a movie from Windows Movie Maker. If you’ve already uploaded and edited video, the process of getting the video on Facebook should take just a short amount of time.


1. Open the video project within Windows Movie Maker.

2. Select “Publish Movie” from the top menu, choose the video quality and size, and then click “Export to File.” The video may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to export. Keep in mind that Facebook has limits on the size of the video you can upload; each video should be less than 1 gigabyte.

3. Log on to Facebook with your username and password. Click on the video icon above the “What’s on your mind?” box.

4. Select “Upload a Video from your drive,” then choose the exported video file from the files and folders on your computer. Be sure to choose the version of the video with the .WMV extension, as this is the exported version of your video. Click “Choose.”

5. Type in a comment to go along with the video in the “Say something about this video” box, then click “Share.” This posts the video to your Facebook profile and saves it to your “My Videos.”

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