Convert Mod Files To Mp4 Files

MOD video files are a file type captured on some video cameras, like JVC’s Everio camcorders. MOD files are quality files, but they are not compatible with most video editing software on the market. They also do not work with MP3 players. If you would like to edit your MOD files in a video editing program like iMovie or play your videos on your MP3 player, it will be necessary to convert your MOD files to a video type like MP4.


1. Download AVS Video Converter (see Resources). The free version of AVS allows you to convert between numerous file types, including MOD to MP4. Follow the simple installation screens to install ABS onto your computer.

2. Open the MOD file in AVS Video Converter. Click on “Browse” next to “Input File Name” and AVS will bring up a search window. Locate the file on your computer and click on “Open.”

3. Browse for an export folder. This is the folder where your converted MP4 file will be saved. AVS will automatically select the same folder where your original MOD file is saved. You can change this location to any folder on your hard drive.

4. Name your converted file. Type the name into the box next to “Output File Name.” This will be the name your MP4 file saves under.

5. Click on “MP4” at the top of the AVS Video Converter window. This will populate the AVS profile section with several MP4 profiles.

6. Choose an MP4 profile. There are separate profiles for the iPhone, iPod, Xbox and Sony PSP. If you do not need to use the file on any of these specific devices, simply choose the “PC — Standard Quality” option.

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7. Click “Convert Now!” The conversion will be tracked on the AVS screen and you will be notified when the conversion is finished.