Convert Mod Files To Avi Files For Movie Maker

If you have a video camera that saves files as .MOD files like the JVC Everio or other JVC cameras or some Panasonic brand of cameras, you have limited video editing options.

You can either use the less-than-ideal version of Cyberpower Director that comes with your camera, buy the full version, or use the free version of Microsoft Movie Maker that comes with Windows

If you have XP, you can upgrade to SP2 and get Movie Maker, but Windows Vista has a better version built in.


1. Get the videos from your camera and onto the PC. If you found this article you obviously know a few things about your video camera or that you need to convert your MOD files to a usable format to manipulate to create a an actual video with transitions, credits, etc.

Hook up your camera to your PC or you know get your SD card out of your camera and you have an SD card reader in your PC and you know at least access the files from your camera.

If you want an easy way to get the MOD files from your camera to your hard drive and rename them with the date and time at the same time, use SDCOPY software.

2. Install video converting software. If you decide to download the SDCopy, software you’ll need to install it. Since it is a Zip file you will need to extract the files and run the installation program.

Using SDCopy is easy. It can grab all the files from your SD card automatically, rename them and convert them to MPG all in one quick step.

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3. Run SDcopy.

Once you have downloaded and installed SDcopy, open the program.

In the source directory, click on the … (that’s the browse function). If you have your camera hooked up to your PC or the SD card, in an SD reader browse to the directory where your MOD files are.

In the target directory, browse to where you want to put the files. Create a new folder if you want to give your files a new name.

In the rename field make sure it says search for MOD and rename to MPG.

In the added Text field you can leave blank as it will automatically use date and time but if you want to put something else there, go ahead and it will rename the files as listed.

If you filmed footage in Wide-Screen, be sure to check the box, set Wide-Screen Flag (16:9).

Then click Start and watch the magic!

4. Open Windows Movie Maker and import AVI files.

Once you have your AVI files, you can use just about any video editing software. You’re not tied to cyberpower director for MOD file manipulation. AVI files are stable and easy to work with.

Simply open Windows Movie Maker and transform your files into a movie.