Convert Live Meeting Into A Recording

Convert Live Meeting into a Recording

Part of the Microsoft Office suite of applications, Microsoft’s Live Meeting is a Web-conferencing tool that lets users meet via the Web. In addition to facilitating online meetings, Live Meeting lets users send and receive documents, presentations and other media in real time. Live Meeting also allows users to set up live audio feeds for meetings and integrates directly with Microsoft Outlook.

One of Live Meeting’s biggest benefits is that it lets users record and store online meetings. Meetings can be stored in an online repository or saved directly to a user’s hard drive. Recorded meetings can also be distributed via websites or blogs.


1. Launch the Live Meeting application, and Outlook. Instruct the Live Meeting application to join an online meeting or to start one. You can also join a meeting by clicking on the meeting invitation link contained in an Outlook email.

Configure the meeting’s audio and video connection options, and attendee permissions.

2. Click the “Recording” pane in the Live Meeting application. Select “To My Computer” or “To Service” to choose whether the meeting will be saved on your hard drive, or to your Live Meeting conference center.

Click “Options,” and select either the “Personal” or “Shared Recording Options” to choose whether the recorded meeting is private or can be publicly distributed. These options will also allow you to determine where the recording will be saved. To save your recording later, click “OK.”

3. Click on “Record” if you want to immediately start recording. You can pause or stop the recording anytime, by clicking on the “Pause” or “Stop” button.

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The completed recording will be saved in Windows Media (.wma) format, making it usable for anyone with a Windows Media Player or other compatible media player software.