Convert Jvc Video Mod Files

Video that is captured by JVC camcorders save with the MOD file extension. While MOD files are fine for storing to a camcorder, the file format is not recognized by computer-based media players or video editors. If you want to use MOD files in a media player or video editor, the files must first be converted into a more common video file type. MOD files use the same form of compression and the same codec as MPEG-2 files, making conversion into MPG the most obvious conversion, but the video files can be converted into other video file types as well.


Convert to MPG

1. Open the folder on the computer’s hard drive where the MOD files are stored. To open a folder, go to “Start” and “Computer” or “My Computer.” Double-click the letter of the drive that the MOD files are stored on and navigate to the proper folder.

2. Right-click on the first JVC MOD file that you want to convert into MPG. When the context menu appears, click the “Rename” option.

3. Delete the “mod” extension of the MOD file. Type “mpg” in place of the original extension. Click on an empty part of the folder or press the “Enter” key to save the change.

4. Repeat the process for all of the MOD files that you want to convert. Right-click the file, choose “Rename,” change the extension and press “Enter.”

Convert the MPG Files into Other Formats

5. Open Zamzar, Media Converter or YouConvertIt in your web browser (see Resource section). Each of these media converters can convert MPG into other video formats.

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6. Load the MPG file into the online converter. To load, click “Browse,” find the MPG file in the window that comes up and double-click the file.

7. Pull down the menu by “Output format” by clicking the arrow. Choose the video format that you want to convert the MPG to from the list. Available video formats include AVI, WMV and MOV.

8. Enter an email address for file delivery if the system asks for one. An address must be entered in Zamzar or YouConvert It. Click the “OK” or “Convert” button.

9. Download the video file that you created from the download link sent to your email through Zamzar or YouConvertIt. Download by clicking the download link that appears on the screen in Media Converter.