Convert Jpeg To Video

Make your JPEGs come to life by converting them to video.

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group), a format that offers high quality with a small file size, is one of a number different formats used to store images digitally. It’s possible to take those JPEG files and convert them to video, complete with music and titles. A video editing program will be necessary to do this.


1. Store the JPEG that you want to convert to video in a memorable location on your system, perhaps in a “My Pictures” folder.

2. Open up your video editing software. Most operating systems, including Apple (iMovie) and Windows (Windows Live Movie Maker) now come with video editing and capture software included. If you don’t have editing software, you can either purchase a commercial package or download a free and open source solution from the web. (See Resources.)

3. Import your JPEG file into your editing software. The method for this operation depends on your specific editing application, but many applications operate in a similar manner. Look on the toolbar at the top of the screen for the “File” menu. Click this and then select “Import” or “Add” from the menu. Use the browser to navigate to where your JPEG file is located.

4. Drag the JPEG picture to the timeline. The majority of editing programs are broken up into three windows: the timeline, the preview window and the bin. The preview window shows you what your movie will look like when finished, the timeline is where you edit and arrange your videos and the bin is where the video clips, pictures and titles are stored. The timeline is usually positioned at the bottom of the program screen.

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5. Edit your JPEG. You can add effects such as color correction, picture cropping or image rotation. Audio can be added by importing an audio file and dropping it onto the timeline as you did with the JPEG. By grabbing the edges of the JPEG in your timeline, you can also increase or decrease the amount of time that it will show in your movie.

6. Render your JPEG to video. Rendering is the process of taking the files in the timeline and exporting them as one file in the specified format. From the “File” menu, select “Export” or “Render.” The system will prompt you for a file type. Select your desired video type and hit “OK.”

7. Allow the computer to render the video. When finished, you can burn the video to a DVD, export it to a memory stick or watch it directly on the computer.