Convert Imovie Still Frames To Photos

Apple’s iMovie movie-creation application breaks digital videos down to individual still frames, allowing you to cut and edit your movie very precisely. In earlier versions, users could save individual frames as photos, but iMovie ’11 lacks this feature. Fortunately, by using some of the Mac computer’s most basic functions, you can capture a still frame in the iMovie application as a photo.


1. Double-click the iMovie project icon to launch the iMovie project. Click the playhead (red vertical line) in the project browser window and drag the playhead over the frame you want to capture.

2. Press and hold the “Ctrl” key and click the playhead. Select the “Add Freeze Frame” option from the context menu. A freeze frame of the selected frame will appear at the playhead location. The default length of the freeze frame is four seconds.

3. Click the freeze frame and drag it to the beginning of the iMovie project. Click the “View” tab select the “Play full-screen” option from the drop-down menu. The iMovie project will now begin playing in full-screen mode. The first image will be the 4-second freeze frame you created in Step 2.

4. Press the “Apple,” “Shift” and “3” key simultaneously while the 4-second freeze frame is displayed in full-screen mode. The freeze frame will be saved as a photo on the Mac computer’s desktop.

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