Convert Hd To Standard Avi For Free

Convert HD to Standard AVI for Free

If you have HD AVI video files on your computer you may have noticed that they take up a bit more space than a standard AVI file. If you want to free some space on your hard drive you can convert your HD AVI files to standard AVI files. With the AVS Video Converter program you can do the HD to standard AVI file conversion for free. The AVS Video Converter only works with Windows, including Windows 7.


1. Use a Web browser on your computer. Go to the AVS4YOU website (see Resources) to download and install the free AVS Video Converter.

2. Launch the AVS Video Converter on your computer.

3. Click on the “To AVI” button at the top of the tool bar. This sets your output file type to standard AVI.

4. Add your HD AVI file by clicking “Browse” in the “Input File Name” section of the screen. You can add more than one file for conversion.

5. Convert your files by clicking “Convert Now” at the bottom of the screen. A progress bar will appear by the button to keep you informed on the progression of the conversion. Once the conversion has completed you will get a pop-up on the screen. Click “OK” to close it.

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