Convert & Edit Mov Files

Apple Quicktime Movies are encoded on the PC with the MOV file extension. While Quicktime video files are native to the Mac, PC users can play MOV video files but may need to convert them to the AVI format for video editing. Conversion software can change MOV files to more popular video formats used by editing software on the PC. MOV file conversion tasks can be accomplished by downloading and installing free conversion software programs from the Internet.


1. Download and install AVS Video Converter. Click the “Browse” button to add MOV files. Edit the MOV files by clicking the “Edit” button and use the “Trim Start” and “Trim End” buttons to change the in and out points of the MOV file. Select the desired export format by choosing any of the format icons in the program menu and clicking the “Convert Now!” button to complete the conversion of the edited MOV file.

2. Download and install Super Media Encoder. Add the MOV files you wish to convert by right-clicking in program window and choosing “Add Multimedia File(s)” from the menu. Select “AVI,” “DV Digital Video” and “WAV” from the top three pull-down menus. Click the “Encode (Active Files)” button at the bottom of the program window to convert MOV files to AVI for editing.

3. Download and install MediaCoder. Add the MOV files to be converted by clicking the “+” icon. Select the Video tab and choose “DV Video” from the “Format” pull-down menu. Select the “Audio” tab and choose “PCM” from the “Format” pull-down menu. Select the “Container” tab and choose “AVI” from the “Container” pull-down menu. Click the “Start” button from the menu to complete the conversion from MOV to AVI.

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4. Import the converted AVI files into Windows Movie Maker or the video editing software of your choice.