Convert Dvd To Wmv With Shareware

Converting a DVD to a WMV file using shareware.

A DVD is a “Digital Video Disc.” DVDs, as the successors to VHS tapes, have become the standard in home movie collections. WMV is a digital video format developed and used primarily by Microsoft. WMV files can be viewed on a handful of different video players, with Windows Media Player being the most common. Converting a DVD to a WMV-formatted file is simple with the proper software, and some of the best programs for this purpose are free shareware.


1. Download and install DVD-to-WMV conversion shareware. The absolute best and easiest to use shareware for this purpose is the WinX DVD Ripper. gives it top ratings in every aspect.

2. Open the software.

3. Click “DVD Disc” from Step 1 of the Getting Started menu, and then insert the DVD into the proper drive on the computer.

4. Click the “to .xxx” button from Step 2 in the Getting Started menu. Select “to .WMV” from the drop-down menu.

5. Click the “Start” icon from Step 3 in the Getting Start menu.

6. Allow approximately 80 percent of the actual length of the DVD for conversion time. For instance, a 60-minute DVD should take approximately 48 minutes to convert, on average.

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