Convert Dvd To Avi Menus

Once you rip the files from a DVD, you can convert DVD menus to AVI.

When you play a DVD through a DVD player or DVD player program on your computer, each menu that appears on the screen, including the main menu, the “Chapters” menu and the “Extras” menu, is its own individual video file. Like other video files that are contained on the disc, including the movie file, the menus on a DVD can be ripped from the disc and converted into other video file types, such as AVI.


Rip the IFO Files from the Disc

1. Download a program that has the ability to rip DVD IFO files. DVD Decrypter and Free DVD Ripper are two of the free programs that can rip DVDs. Install the DVD-ripping program to your computer.

2. Insert the DVD that you would like to rip the menus from into the DVD drive of your computer. Go to the “Start” menu of the computer, choose “All Programs,” open the folder of the DVD-ripping software you downloaded and click on the program name to launch the application.

3. Choose “IFO” as the ripping mode, select the menu file that you want to rip from the disc in the right hand pane, choose a destination or output folder where the file can be easily found and press the “Decrypt,” “Rip” or “Start Encoding” button to pull the IFO files off the DVD. Ripping a menu file should take no more than a few minutes.

Converting Menu Files to AVI

4. Download and install a DVD-to-video file conversion program. DVDx and Auto Gordian Knot are two free programs that can convert a DVD menu to AVI.

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5. Go to the “File” menu and choose “Open IFO” or click on the folder next to “Input File.” Choose the file that contains the DVD menu that you would like to convert. Some programs, like Auto Gordian Knot, read the file as a VOB, which is the actual extension of the video file itself.

6. Return to the “File” menu and select “Output File” to designate a folder for the file to be saved into. Choose “AVI” as the output format if the option is available.

7. Click the “Output Settings” button if you were not prompted to enter a file type under the “Output File” window. Select “AVI” from the list of available output settings.

8. Clean up the output settings for the best result. In some programs, you must select an audio type or size. If you are unfamiliar with the options, leave these items set to the default settings. Press the “OK” button or the record button to begin converting the DVD menu into AVI. DVD menu videos are usually short, so the process should take only a few minutes.