Convert Camcorder Video To Dvd

camcorder video to DVD

Most camcorders include USB interfaces that make exporting videos to your computer relatively simple. The video clips captured on camcorders may or may not be viewable in Windows, without conversion, depending on the manufacturer of the video camera and the file format used to store clips on the device. However, even if the files are playable in Windows, most camcorder files are not compatible with home DVD players without conversion. Nevertheless, Windows has all the tools you need to convert most camcorder files and burn them onto a home-DVD-player compatible disc


Import Video

1. Power on the camcorder, and set the selector switch or power mode option to “Play” or “Stand By.” Connect the USB cable to the camera and your PC. Windows detects the connection and configures the memory card or device in the video camera as a removable storage drive.

2. Click “Open folder to view files” under General Options when the “AutoPlay” window appears. Windows opens a new Windows Explorer window and displays the video files on the camcorder memory card.

3. Press the “Ctrl” and “A” keys to highlight and select all the videos clips on the camcorder. Press “Ctrl” and “C” to store them in the Windows Clipboard temporarily.

4. Navigate to a folder in Windows Explorer in which you want to copy the video clips from the camcorder. After opening the folder window in Windows Explorer, press the “Ctrl” and “V” keys. Windows copies the clips from the camcorder to the selected folder.

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5. Disconnect the camcorder from the computer.

Convert and Burn to DVD

6. Click “Start,” then “All Programs” and “Windows DVD Maker.”

7. Click the “+ Add Items” link in the “Add Pictures and Video to the DVD” window. Click “Computer” in the “Add Items to DVD” browser window, and navigate to the folder where you saved the video clips from the camcorder. Double-click the folder to open it.

8. Press “Ctrl” + “A” to select all the video clips in the folder, and click the “Add” button. Wait a few seconds for DVD Maker to import the clips into the project window.

9. Click the “DVD Burner” drop-down list, and select the drive letter for your DVD burner drive. Click the “Next” button.

10. Click the “Menu Text” button in the “Ready to burn DVD” window. Enter a title for the new DVD in the “DVD Title” field. Customize the names of the “Play Button,” “Scenes Button” and “Notes Button” as needed or leave the default names in place. Click the “Change Text” button.

11. Select a menu style for the initial display screen that appears when you insert a movie disc into a DVD player. Windows DVD Maker offer several styles to choose from that result in professional looking menus similar to those used on commercial DVD movie discs.

12. Click the “Burn” button. Insert a blank DVD into the burner drive when prompted, and close the tray. Windows DVD Maker burns the disc and ejects it automatically after completing the burn process.

13. Remove the disc from the burner drive, and play in any standard DVD player and Windows computers with a DVD-ROM drive installed.

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