Convert Avi Files For Editing In Final Cut

Convert AVI Files for Editing in Final Cut

Final Cut Pro is an Apple-based program that can support many different formats for editing; however, AVIs cannot be imported into the Final Cut editing timeline. Apple’s native format is an MOV, which is the main supported file in QuickTime Player and a standard for editing in Final Cut (QuickTime Player automatically comes with a purchased copy of Final Cut). The Final Cut MOV format supports a number of compression types, including H.264 or MPEG compression, depending on your needs. You may want to convert AVI movies to Final Cut-supported formats to re-edit videos for the web or personal use.


1. If you don’t have it on your computer already, download and install QuickTime Player (see link in Resources below). Agree to the terms of use and open.

2. Open your AVI by clicking “File” and selecting “Open File…”

Locate your file and open it in its own player window.

3. Click “File” and “Export…” to bring up the “Save Exported File As…” window.

Select “Movie to QuickTime Movie” in the “Export:” icon bar. Your file will now have an MOV file extension.

4. Rename your file if needed.

Click “Save” to begin the conversion process.

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