Convert Avchd To Quicktime Final Cut

An acronym for Advanced Video Codec High Definition, AVCHD is a video encoding profile that was jointly developed by Sony and Panasonic for use in their HD camcorders. All AVCHD footage is stored in .MTS format and the files can be edited using the software that is included with the HD camcorder. If users want to edit the footage in Final Cut Pro, they will need to convert the media into a supported format like QuickTime. While all QuickTime movies use the .MOV file extension, the format supports a variety of different video codecs. As a result, users will need to ensure that their .MOV files are compatible with Final Cut Pro by encoding them with a DV video codec.


1. Download and install a video conversion application. Select software that supports .MTS as an input format and .MOV as an output format.

2. Launch the video conversion application. Click the “Add” command and search for the .MTS input file in the file selection window. Select the item and click the “Choose” button to import the video into the application.

3. Program .MOV as the output format for the file conversion. Access the application’s advanced settings, and select a DV video codec that is supported by your region. Choose from NTSC and PAL/SECAM options.

4. Click the “Convert” command to re-format the .MTS input file. A confirmation message will display when the .MOV file with the DV video codec has been encoded. Retrieve the video from its default storage location.

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