Convert Audio Ts And Video Ts To Avi

Convert Audio TS and Video TS to AVI

Many people get frustrated when trying to work with files from a DVD. Commonly, DVD video and audio files are encoded in a format called “.ts.” According to, this is an abbreviation for “transport stream” and is commonly used because it can play on various video players and is generally suitable for standard television broadcast. However, these files are not easily manipulated by common editing programs and are not good for sharing digitally. Therefore, many people seek to transfer them to a high-resolution, relatively malleable format like .avi. It is fairly easy to accomplish this conversion.


1. Insert the DVD. You should be able to access the video.ts and audio.ts files through the DVD folder. Often they are in separate folders and they are always separate files. The video is kept separate from the audio because there are often multiple tracks (such as a director’s commentary) that the manufacturers want users to be able to switch on and off at will. This will present some of the challenge of this exercise.

2. Launch video conversion software. There are countless such programs available for Mac and PC, most of which offer free trials. You can even minimize the work by downloading a program such as Download Wondershare DVD Ripper for Mac, which allows you to convert a video.ts and audio.ts file into one final .avi file in one fell swoop. This is an easy but more expensive method and it will not allow you any separate editing of audio and video tracks.

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If you elect to work with a simple video conversion program, you likely will only end up with video and will have to follow the remainder of the steps to sync the appropriate audio. In either case, through the program, import the video.ts file that you want to convert. Highlight it and then press convert, either directly to .avi or to an editable file type such as .mov that you will later convert to .avi once the audio is in sync. Pay attention to the directory, so that you know where the final file will be saved.

3. Launch audio conversion software. Again, many audio conversion programs are available and can be searched on sites such as Just make sure you are utilizing a program that can convert from TS into an audio format that is compatible with the editing program you will be using. Remember that AVI (audio-video interleave) is only a container and not an audio codec, so you will not be converting the audio.ts to .avi at this point, as .avi necessarily contains a video stream. Select the audio.ts track you plan on using, making sure to check it is not one of the unwanted tracks, and import it into the conversion program. Then, convert to a desired file format.

4. Import the converted audio and video into an editing program. This could be a simple, free program such as iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. Pull the audio and video tracks into the timeline and make sure they are synced, though this should be fairly easy as they should be of the same length and therefore they can be synced at the respective play heads. Once the audio and video files are in sync, select the data and pull down the “Export” menu and select “Export to.” This should give you a list of file extensions and you simply select .avi. Press “Export,” and the final result should be a single .avi file with audio and video.

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