Convert An Open Source Pdf To Word

An open source PDF is a document that was generated using a utility apart from Adobe Acrobat Standard or Professional. Open source PDFs can be generated using a virtual PDF printer or converted from within applications such as OpenOffice. PDFs that are not scanned documents can be converted to Microsoft Word (scanned documents are read as pictures or images).


Convert PDF to Word Using Acrobat Standard or Pro

1. Launch the Acrobat Standard or Professional application. Open your PDF by selecting “Open” under “File” in the top menu bar, selecting your file and clicking the “Open” button.

Acrobat Standard or Professional includes features to export documents for editing (Acrobat Reader doesn’t have these advanced functions).

2. Select “Export” under “File” in the top menu bar and select “Word document” from the drop-down menu.

3. Type the name of your converted file in the Save As dialog box, select the destination and confirm that the format says “Microsoft Word Document.”

Click the “Save” button.

4. Open your converted file in MS Word.

Conversion Utilities

5. Launch the Free PDF to Word application.

Most PDF conversion utilities run independently from Acrobat or MS Word. The following steps are specific to Free PDF to Word and are intended to provide general guidance for other utilities. Please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific application.

6. Click the “Add PDF Document” button, select your desired PDF in the Open dialog box and click the “Open” button.

7. Check that the Output File Format (located on the bottom right) is set to “.doc (MS Word Document).” (The default setting is “.rtf (Rich Text File).” You can change the document conversion setting by using the drop-down menu.)

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Click the “Start Convert” button.

8. Locate your converted document in the same location as your original PDF and open it in MS Word.

Only Have Acrobat Reader and MS Word?

9. Open the PDF file, and this will automatically launch the Acrobat Reader application.

Text from many (but not all) PDFs can be transferred to MS Word using Acrobat Reader. Note: This is not a conversion but, rather, a quick method to copy text.

10. Select “Select All” under “Edit” in the top menu bar to highlight all pages.

Select “Copy” under “Edit” in the top menu bar.

11. Launch the MS Word application and open a blank document.

12. Select “Paste” under “Edit” in the top menu bar. (You may also choose “Paste Special” under “Edit” for formatting options such as “Unformatted Text.”)