Convert An Mts File On A Mac

MTS files are common among HD video cameras.

The MTS file format is a type of video file used by many Sony and Panasonic video cameras. It is often referred to as an “AVCHD” file and is primarily designed to be used with professional video editing software. Unfortunately, for Mac users, MTS files are not supported by many Mac programs, so converting it to a more common format may be necessary. With the help of some free software, the process is fairly simple.


1. Download “Handbrake” by visiting its website (see Resources) and choosing the latest version. Install the software by double-clicking the downloaded file and drag the Handbrake icon into your “Applications” folder.

2. Launch the Handbrake application by clicking its icon in the Applications folder.

3. Click “Source” in the upper left corner of the window and navigate to the MTS file you wish to convert. Click “Open” to open the file.

4. Select “Browse” under the “Destination” heading and navigate to the folder where you would like to store the output file. You can also type a file name for the output file. Click “Save.”

5. Pick a preset in the preset box on the right of the window. Choose a preset based on what device you would like to view the video file on. “Normal” is a good preset for general use.

6. Click “Start” to begin the encoding process. The process may take a long time depending on the file size and settings.

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