Convert An Avi To Dvd With Shareware

Try before you buy with DVD-burning shareware.

Audio Video Interleave, or AVI, is a common digital video format that is widely recognized in video-editing software and media players. Since an AVI file uses very little compression to store video footage, the file sizes are generally larger than file sizes in other standard file formats, such as MPEG. This can cause some difficulty when trying to burn an AVI file to a standard DVD, which holds only 4.7 GB of data. If you want to burn an AVI file you have stored on your computer to DVD, though, a few shareware programs make it easy.


1. Download one of the shareware DVD-burning programs available at Shareware programs that can convert and burn AVI to DVD include ZC DivX to DVD Creator, Any Video to DVD Converter and Burner, All Video to VCD SVCD DVD Creator and Burner, and AVI DivX MPEG to DVD Converter & Burner (see Resources section).

2. Install the shareware DVD-burning program onto your computer by double-clicking on the icon in the “Downloads” folder of your hard drive. Follow the onscreen instructions to load the program onto your computer.

3. Open the shareware DVD-burning program.

4. Click the “Import Video” or “Add Video” button in the DVD-burning program and browse for the AVI file you want to burn to DVD in the window that comes up. Double-click the AVI file name to add it to the DVD project.

5. Customize the menus for your DVD project on the following screens of the shareware DVD-burning program. The options and tools for customizing a DVD vary from program to program, but basic instructions are generally provided onscreen.

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6. Insert your blank DVD into the computer.

7. Press the “Burn” button on the last page of the DVD-burning program to burn the DVD project to disc. The program converts the AVI file into a small enough video file to fit onto the blank DVD and burns the AVI to the disc.