Convert An Avi To A Dvd Free On Linux

Convert an AVI to a DVD Free on Linux

An AVI file is a video file designed to be played on a computer. Only some DVD players have the ability to handle AVI files. However, AVI files do not have menus or chapters like regular DVD movies. Linux users can convert AVI files to the DVD format by using a few command line utilities. The resulting DVD will have a simple menu and chapters similar to commercial DVDs.


1. Download and install the transcode, mplayer, mjpegtools, ffmpeg, DVD+rw-tools and dvdauthor packages. Use your distribution’s package repository to ensure that all dependencies are met.

2. Open a terminal window. This is where the following commands will be typed.

3. Type the command “transcode -i input.avi -y ffmpeg –export_prof DVD-ntsc –export_asr 3 -o output -D0 -s2 -m output.ac3 -J modfps=clonetype=3 –export_fps 29.97” to create two files named “output.m2v” and “output.ac3.” The “m2v” file will be the video component and the “ac3” file will be the audio component.

4. Type the command “mplex -f 8 -o dvd_file.mpg output.m2v output.ac3” to rejoin the audio and video into an “.mpg” file.

5. Open a text editor, such as gedit.

6. Place the following information into the blank text file:

7. Save the text file as “dvdauthor.xml” and place it in the same directory as the “.mpg” file. Rename this directory “DVD”.

8. Type the command “dvdauthor -x dvdauthor.xml” to create the “AUDIO_TS” and “VIDEO_TS” directories.

9. Type the command “xine DVD:/path_to_DVD/VIDEO_TS/” to test the movie. Be sure to type the full path to your DVD directory in this command.

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10. Place a writable DVD into the computer’s DVD burner.

11. Type the command “growisofs -Z /dev/DVD -DVD-video DVD/” to burn the DVD.