Convert An Avi File With Virtualdub For A Dvd

An AVI file is a specific type of computer video file. It is a great file format for watching a high quality movie file on your computer, but not much else. You can’t burn an AVI file to a DVD and expect it to work on a regular DVD player–the process simply doesn’t work that way. However, you can use a program called Virtualdub to convert the AVI file to the proper MPEG file format that is recognized by all commercial DVD players.


1. Launch Virtualdub.

2. Click “File,” then “Open Video File.” Select the .AVI file from your computer‘s hard drive.

3. Click “Video,” and then “Compression.” Select MPEG-2. This is the file format recognized by standard DVD players. Note that if your copy of Virtualdub does not have the necessary MPEG-2 codecs installed, you can download them.

4. Click “File,” then “Save.” Select a directory on your computer where you want the converted file to be saved. Once you’ve done this, the conversion will start, and when the process finishes, you will be left with a DVD compatible MPEG-2 file.

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