Convert An Arf To An Mov

ARF files can be converted to MOV files on any computer for maximum compatibility.

ARF stands for WebEx Advanced Recording Format. The format is used for WebEx recordings of online meetings that can be downloaded to your computer and played on an ARF player. If you don’t have the player installed, it possible to use a few simple programs to convert the ARF into an MOV file that is playable in QuickTime and other video players across a variety of operating platforms.


1. Download and install the WebEx recording editor. It can be downloaded directly (see Resources), or you can find it by going to your company’s WebEx account and clicking on “Support,” “Downloads,” “Recorders and Players” and “Recording and Playback.”

2. Convert the ARF file to a WMV file. Open the recording in the editor, pause it, then select “File,” “Convert” and “WMV.” From there, simply follow the prompts.

3. Download and install a WMV to MOV file utility. There are countless versions of these products out there, and most offer free trial versions for you to find your favorite one.

Mac users can use the Flip 4 Mac utility, while Windows users can use the WMV to MOV Converter.

4. Run your preferred utility. Select the file you want to convert, select a new destination file and your file will be quickly converted into a very accessible MOV file.

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