Convert A Vob File Extension

Convert a VOB File Extension

VOB files, which stands for Video Object, are the type of file that you can get when you rip a movie or video off of a DVD. As a form of MPEG files, specifically MPEG-2 file format, a VOB file can be converted into other video formats. This allows the VOB file to be used or edited in a wider variety of programs and devices. In order to convert a VOB file extension you need to use a video converter program, which will quickly get your VOB files converted into other formats, such as AVI.


1. Pick a video converter program to do your conversion. Some examples include DVD2AVI, Corel VideoStudio Pro X2 and AVS Video Converter. If you have no preference, AVS Video Converter is freeware that is easy to use.

2. Download and install AVS Video Converter, or your preferred VOB video converter program.

3. Launch AVS Video Converter, or your preferred VOB video converter program.

4. Select your VOB files by clicking the “Browse” button in the “Input File” area of the AVS Video Converter screen. Other programs may simply have an “Add Video” or “Add Files” button for you to select the VOB files.

5. Set your output file type by clicking on the appropriate button on the toolbar. For example, for an AVI output file just click on “To AVI.” Other programs may just have a drop-down menu in the “Output File” section for you to select your preferred file type.

6. Convert your VOB file by clicking on “Convert Now” in AVS Video Converter, or “Convert” or “Start” in another program. A progress bar will fill as the file completes conversion, with a pop-up success message. Close the message and you can begin using the newly converted files.

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