Convert A Premier Video Project To An Iso File

Projects created in Adobe Premiere can include countless file resources. The ability to back up both the project and all related files needed to restore the original project can be a real time saver. One of the best ways to archive projects in Premiere is to copy the project files to an ISO file. The ISO file is used to create a recordable CD or DVD at a later time. You can use Adobe Premiere CS4 and disc burning software to store your entire Premiere project as a single ISO file.


1. Make sure your project is complete and ready to archive. Any changes made after creating your ISO file will not be reflected in the backup.

2. Use the main menu at the top margin of the Premiere desktop and click on “Project,” then “Project Manager.” Under “Resulting Project” click on “Collect Files and Copy to New Location.” Note that at the bottom of the dialogue box is a “Disk Space” section that shows you the size required for your project and related files. In order to fit your project on a single backup disc, you will have to keep the project size less than the storage capacity of your recordable media. CDs hold up to 800 megabytes; DVDs hold 4.7 or 8.5 gigabytes for single or dual layer discs. If you need to reduce your project size, make sure “Exclude Unused Clips” is selected.

3. Click the “OK” button in the Project Manager dialogue box and wait for Premiere to move the files to their new location.

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4. Open your recordable disc software and begin a new data disc project.

5. Add the folder created in the previous step to the list of files you want to burn. Instead of burning the actual disc, locate “Save as ISO image” from the menu options. Specify where you want the ISO file to be stored and then create the ISO image file.