Convert A Pinnacle Studio 9 File To A Windows Media File

Convert a Pinnacle Studio 9 File to a Windows Media File

Pinnacle Studio is a video editing program crafted by the Avid company. Avid is an industry leading producer of editing equipment with Pinnacle Studio being its home based editing system. Pinnacle Studio 9, although a few releases shy of the companies most current Pinnacle release, has the capabilities of converting a program file into a Windows Media File such as WMV


1. Launch Pinnacle Studio 9 and open the saved program file. This launches your file and you can see the video timeline at the bottom of the screen.

2. Click at the beginning of the timeline to set your cursor at the start of the video.

3. Select the “Edit” tab in the top left corner of the screen then select “Export.” An export options window appears.

4. Set your file output location and click the pull-down menu next to the file format you want to create. Selec WMV as the file you want to save your video file as.

5. Click “OK” and the Pinnacle Studio 9 program file is converted and saved as a Windows Media File.

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