Convert A Mod File To Wmv

A number of portable camcorders now record video to a built-in hard drive. The video file format these camcorders use is called MOD and isn’t commonly in use on Windows-based computers. Converting an MOD file into the Windows Media Player WMV format using an MOD to WMV converter will make it more compatible with programs found on PCs. The conversion will not harm the MOD video file in any way.


1. Download and install the free MOD to WMV Converter software to the desktop of the computer (see link in Resources). Restart the computer.

2. Connect the camcorder to the PC’s USB port using a USB connector designed to attach to the camcorder.

3. Go to “Start,” “MyComputer,” then “Devices” and select the icon of the camcorder. Select an MOD file from the camcorder and drag it to the desktop of the computer. Wait for the file transfer to be completed.

4. Go to the desktop of the computer and click on the MOD to WMV Converter program to run it. Click on the “Add” button at the upper left of the program’s window and navigate to the MOD file on the desktop. Highlight the MOD file and click the “OK” button to close the window and load the file into the program.

5. Click on the “Profile” column near the bottom of the program’s window and select “WMV” from the pop-up menu. Release the pop-up menu. Click on the “Output” column below the “Profile” column and navigate to where you want to save the WMV file. Press the “OK” button to close the window.

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6. Press the “Save As” button on the right side of the program’s window and name the WMV file. Press “OK” to close the window.

7. Press the “Start” button at the right of the program’s window to start the conversion process. Wait until the program pops up a window to say the conversion process has been completed. Close the window after it has popped up.

8. Quit the MOD to WMV Converter program and archive the original MOD file. Disconnect the camcorder from the USB cable attached to the computer’s USB port.