Convert A Mod File To Avi

Convert a MOD File to AVI

MOD files are usually created by video cameras. The files can then be converted to other video formats for editing like AVI. AVI is a file format that is known for its large file size and grand quality. The conversion process can take a while, but if you are willing to invest the time, you can convert your MOD files to AVI.


1. Find a conversion service for your MOD file that you like the most.

2. Try Winff (see Resources for download link). Winff is an open-source video converter. Open source means that it is free to use as often as you want. It will read the MOD file and convert it to either XVID AVI or DIVX AVI. Both are just different types of AVI files, so it’s your choice. Though it is fast, it isn’t the best quality editor, and there is a chance of the file becoming pixelated (or blurry). You’ll have to consider this factor when deciding which software you want to use.

3. Download and try Any Video Converter (see Resources for download link). This software has a paid version, but the free version is unlimited and will convert the MOD file to an AVI file. Unlike Winff, this software only offers one choice of AVI, and it is a little slower. The quality of this software’s conversion is usually better than that of Winff. Speed and quality are two factors that will help you decide if you want to use this software to convert your MOD file.

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4. Give the Media Convert website a whirl (see Resources). You can only have five conversions per day, but it will convert your MOD file to an AVI file for you. The speed is probably the slowest since you have to upload your video to the website and let it convert it; then, you re-download it. If you don’t want to use software to convert your video, though, this service will do it all online for you.