Connect G5 With Firewire For A Panasonic Video Camera

Connect G5 With FireWire for a Panasonic Video Camera

Digital video has become the primary form of image acquisition for consumers and professionals. Whether it be a feature length film shot by Peter Jackson on a Red One 4K camera, or a roller disco skater with an HD Flip Video camera on Venice Beach, digital acquisition is the dominant form of image caption. Whether you’re using a Macintosh G5 with Final Cut Pro, or a Panasonic HVX2000, the concepts and processes for connecting your camera to your computer are universal. However, it’s assumed that you have a MAC G5 computer and wish to connect a Panasonic video camera via Firewire 400 (IEEE 1394).


1. Plug in your power supply into your camera and then into the power outlet. Do not use the battery. Power up your video camera. If your camera uses a tape, insert your tape.

2. Set your camera to VTR (playback) mode. Cue up your tape to the footage you want to capture. However, it is customary to capture the entire tape from the beginning with non-linear video editing.

3. Plug one end of a Firewire 400 cable into your video camera. Plug the other end of Firewire 400 cable into your directly into your computer and not into a Firewire hub.

4. Power up your computer. Your computer will recognize your video camera, but the camera will not show up on the desktop as an icon.

5. Open your non-linear editing program, such as iMovie, Final Cut Express or Final Cut Pro. Select “Capture.” Use your program’s controls to match the native file format of your footage. Your MAC G5 is now connected to your Panasonic video camera with Firewire.

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