Connect Fcp To A Broadcast Monitor Using The Svideo From Laptop

Connect FCP to a Broadcast Monitor Using the S-Video From Laptop

Final Cut Pro (FCP) is a video software suite for Mac computers and laptops. Connecting a Mac to a broadcast monitor or television enables you to edit digital video on the larger television screen, where details can be more easily viewed. The setup requires an S-video cable connection from the Mac to the monitor. Mac laptops automatically adjust the video output to the external monitor when the S-video cable is connected.


1. Turn off the monitor and shut down the Mac laptop.

2. Insert the S-video cable into the port on the back edge of the Mac and the other end of the cable into the S-video input on a TV, typically on the lower side of the back panel.

3. Turn on the mac and TV to display the Mac screen automatically on the television.

4. Click “Finder” and “Applications” to select “Final Cut Pro” from the list of programs and applications on the Mac laptop. Use the software with the TV monitor serving as a larger viewing area for editing work.

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