Connect A Tv To A Pinnacle Pc

Connect your TV to a computer through the video editing program.

Pinnacle is a video editing program that functions only on Windows computers. Along with the program comes Pinnacle video connection hardware. This hardware allows you to connect outside audio/video devices to the computer, including a television. Once connected it is possible to not only watch content from the TV, but also to capture the data in the Pinnacle video editing software.


1. Connect the red, white and yellow RCA audio/video cables into the “Video Out” connection ports on the back of the television.

2. Insert the opposite ends of the cables into the “Video In” Connection ports on the Pinnacle PC hardware.

3. Power on the television, then launch the Pinnacle video editing software (either double-click the desktop icon or select it from the “Start” menu).

4. Choose the “Capture” option and select the Pinnacle PC hardware card as the device you want to import from. Momentarily, the programming from the television appears on the capture screen in the program.

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