Connect A Jvc Digital Video Camera To An Hp Pavilion

Connecting your JVC digital video camera and HP Pavilion laptop computer will allow you to import your movies, edit them and share them with friends and family over the Internet or via email. Many third-party applications are available that you can use to create video memories from the clips on your camcorder and spice them up with music or transitions. In fact, Microsoft offers its Movie Maker video editing software as a free download. Before you can start editing videos from your JVC camcorder, though, you must first connect the camera to your Pavilion laptop and download movie clips.


1. Connect the JVC video camera to your computer using the camera’s USB cable. Wait for Windows to detect the video camera and initialize its internal memory card as a removable storage device. This should take less than a minute. If Windows fails to detect your video camera after 10 seconds, disconnect the cable from the computer. Make sure the selector switch on the camera is in the “On” or “Standby” position and reconnect the cable. Windows should now detect and configure your video camera.

2. Click “Start,” then “Computer.” Double-click the drive letter associated with the camera’s internal memory card. Windows Explorer displays the video file contents of the camera’s memory or SD card.

3. Click “Edit,” then “Select All.” Click “Edit” and “Copy.” Browse to another folder on your computer and click “Edit” and then “Paste” to import the videos from the JVC camera to your laptop computer.

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