Connect A Guitar Hero 3 Controller

Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock” from Activision has become a fan favorite in the series. The first from new developer RedOctane, the game took the series in a new direction, with more difficult game-play and a renewed emphasis on rock music. As of June 2009, it was the highest-selling entry in the long-running “Guitar Hero” series.

The big draw to playing this ever-popular game is using the guitar peripheral that is packed with the game. Connecting the guitar is simple, and by following these steps, you’ll be rocking out in no time.


Connecting a “Guitar Hero 3” Controller to Xbox 360

1. Power on your Xbox 360 console and allow it to load to the Xbox dashboard.

2. Press the green Xbox controller on the guitar. All four lights surrounding the button should now be flashing.

3. Push the connect button on your Xbox 360 console. It is next to the Memory Card #2 slot.

4. Press the wireless button on the “Guitar Hero 3” guitar. The button is on the bottom of the guitar.

5. Wait for the four lights to stop flashing, with one light becoming a solid green. This indicates that your controller is now connected to the Xbox 360.

Connecting a “Guitar Hero 3″ Guitar to the PlayStation 3

6. Connect the “Guitar Hero 3” guitar signal receiver to the system via a USB port.

7. Press the PlayStation button on the front of the guitar. Four lights will begin flashing on the guitar face.

8. Press the single button on the signal receiver.

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9. Wait for up to a minute for the signal receiver and the guitar to synchronize with each other. Do not turn off the system during that time.

10. Press the PlayStation button again and make sure that the controller is set to #1. Once that is complete, your controller is ready for use.