Connect A 5d Mkii To A Macbook Pro

The 5D Mark II is one of Canon’s signature pro digital SLR cameras. Equipped with multiple shooting modes including manual, landscape, portrait, close up and a full high-definition movie capability, the 5D Mark II allows you to capture your favorite moments and upload them to your MacBook Pro laptop. Uploading pictures and videos to your computer allows you to edit and share them with friends, family and other enthusiasts and professionals. Connecting your camera to your MacBook Pro is quick and simple.


1. Remove the cover on the side of your Canon 5D MKII and locate the digital terminal (USB) port next to the HDMI out port.

2. Connect one end of the USB cable into the digital terminal, and then connect the other end into an open USB port on your MacBook Pro.

3. Turn on your camera. Your MacBook Pro displays your camera as a removal disk on the desktop.

4. Double-click your camera’s removal disk’s icon on the desktop to view your saved photos and videos.

5. Drag files from your camera’s removal disk to your computer if you want to upload them to your MacBook Pro’s hard drive.

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