Configure A Graphics Card In The Virtual Machine Vmware Player

The video card options in VMware are configured through the hardware properties of the virtual machine.

VMware Player has the ability to customize several aspects of the virtual machines configured in it, including the video card options. You can choose whether or not to accelerate 3D graphics in the virtual machine, and define the number of monitors installed and the default resolution of those monitors. Configure the video card properties for your virtual machine in VMware Player by accessing the hardware options for the virtual machine.


1. Launch VMware Player. Right click the virtual machine that you would like to edit the graphics card properties for, and click “Edit VM.”

2. Click “Display” on the hardware list.

3. Place a check in the box labeled “Accelerate 3D graphics” to use the 3D acceleration of your computer in the virtual machine.

4. Select the radio button labeled “Use host setting for monitors” to use the same number of displays and maximum screen resolution as on the host computer. Alternatively “Specify monitor settings” to select a different number of displays and maximum resolution.

5. Click “OK” to save your settings.

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