Compress Video Footage Using Final Cut Hd

Final Cut HD is the standard for video editing. Unfortunately, Final Cut HD does not technically have a compressor for videos that aren’t being exported. However, if you want to compress a video that has already been edited and exported, there is still hope. It isn’t the cleanest way to compress a video, but it will do the job. If you have edited your footage in Final Cut HD, you can adjust your compression settings when you export your video.


Compressing through Final Cut Sequence Settings.” Select your in and out points in the sequence. This will be the video you want to compress.

2. Click “File > Export > Using Quicktime Conversion.” The “Save” window will appear.

3. Choose the “Format” you want to export the video as. MPEG-4 and MOV work best for web and computer use while MPEG-2 is best for burning to DVD-Video.

4. Choose “Default Settings” under “Use” or click “Options” to change the settings.

5. If you click “Options,” a new window will appear. Click the “Video” tab. Here you have the option of choosing the video settings such as frame size and compressor type. Choose current settings to export the video with the same frame size and compressor. Adjust the quality of the video–the lower the quality, the lower the file size.

6. Click the “Audio” tab. Make sure that it is set to stereo and 48.1 kHz.

7. Click “Save Settings.” This will take you back to the “Save” window.

8. Name the file and set the destination where you want to export it. Click “Save.” The video will take a while to render and export, depending on the original file size.

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