Compare Final Draft & Celtx

Final Draft and Celtx are two computer applications (“apps” or programs) commonly used in the entertainment industry in the pre-production process of creating movies, television shows, plays and more. If you are trying to decide which of the two software apps to purchase, you will want to consider each one’s functions and capabilities. You may find that at one time Final Draft works best for you, and at another, you may prefer Celtx, depending on the demands of the project at hand. Final Draft originated as screenwriting software. Celtx is an acronym for Crew, Equipment, Location, Talent and XML. Does this Spark an idea?


Things to Consider

1. Compare the intended uses of the two apps. Final Draft is mainly geared toward the creation of plays, teleplays and screenplays. It allows you to write a script in the proper format for the intended medium, breakdown characters and work on individual scenes. Celtx is more of a pre-production suite. It offers not just screenwriting software but storyboard functionality and the ability to schedule a production.

2. Review the portability of each software app. Final Draft is designed for the Windows and Mac operating systems and can be run on the Linux operating system using WINE. Celtx works for not only Windows, Mac and Linux but also has a mobile version available for Apple’s iOS devices. These devices include the iPod Touch, the iPhone and the iPad.

3. Consider the price. The fully featured version of Final Draft was available for $249 as of May 2011. The regular version of Celtx is free, while the “Plus” version which comes with more advanced features retails at $14.99.

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4. Consider the various types of scripts each application has been formatted to work with. Both Final Draft and Celtx are pretty even in this regard, allowing users to format scripts for half hour and hour TV shows, animated content, movies, documentaries and print media, like comic books. Which types do you use the most? Final Cut adds formatting capabilities for novels that Celtx lacks.