Compare Digital Camcorders For Streaming Video

Pick the best video camera for streaming video.

There are dozens of different makes and models of home cameras available to the general public. All of the cameras have specialty features for streaming video over the Internet. However, when deciding on a camera for streaming video, there are several different factors to consider.


1. Look for a camera with either a built-in hard drive or removable memory card. These cameras record every video as a single file, allowing for easy uploads. Cameras with video tapes (such as miniDV) require a video editor and additional uploading procedures to obtain the video content.

2. Narrow down your choices to cameras with adjustable recording modes. These modes allow you to change what format the video camera is recording in, including a mode specific for streaming video. This mode records lower quality video but compresses the information so the video files are smaller and easier to upload to the Internet.

3. Check for microphone location (if you intend to use sound on the streaming video). You want the microphone located directly underneath the camera lens. If the microphone is off to the side, it picks up more audio from either the right or the left of the lens. Microphones place on the top of the camera are more likely to record your breathing and sounds the camera operating is producing.

4. Opt for a small, hand-held, inexpensive camera if you just need to shoot short, quick clips. These cameras coast around $100 and are found at most electronic and large retail stores (such as Target and Walmart). The camera records on a removable memory card and uploads the content directly through a USB data cable.

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