Clean A Canon 5d Sensor

The simple task of keeping the lens or body cap on your single-lens reflex camera when it is not in use might prevent you from ever experiencing dust buildup. In the event the lens goes uncovered, the 5D Canon Sensor was designed to prevent dust collection, shake off dust that does gather with internal, ultrasonic vibrations and remove dust spots that appear in your images. Still, if you believe your sensor is in need of cleaning, it can be done from home with the proper tools.


1. Plug your camera into the AC adapter. This procedure requires the use of the camera’s battery.

2. Open the mirror and lock the shutter.

3. Using the air mattress or bicycle pump, blow air lightly onto the sensor to remove any loose, large particles of dust. Do not touch the pump to the sensor, or you could damage it permanently.

4. Use a magnifying glass to make sure any large particles were blown free of the sensor. Use the air pump again if necessary.

5. Gently stroke your sensor brush from left to right, making sure you blow air onto the sensor after each stroke to remove any loose particles. Do this as many times as it takes to use your sensor brush on the entire sensor.

6. Remove the sensor swab from its packaging, hit it with a light blast of air from your air pump, and apply about two drops of sensor cleaning solution to the swab. Do not touch the swab with your fingers.

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7. Tilting the sensor swab at an angle, wipe the sensor from left to right, applying a minimal amount of pressure on the sensor. This same procedure can be done using a sensor wand and sensor cleaning solution.

8. Turn over the sensor swab or sensor wand and repeat the process using the clean side.

9. Allow the cleaning solution to dry, unlock the shutter and close the mirror.