Chrismas Gifts For Teens

Teens who are avid chess players will enjoy a top of the line chess set.

Christmas is a time when you are buying gifts for all of your family and friends, but you may be struggling with what to get the teens in your life. There are things from every price range that you can get them that they will love but will more importantly use.


Giving teens electronics is always a pretty safe bet. This can be anything from a season of the teen’s favorite television san iPod. Also, giving the newest video game is another option for teens. There are constantly new games and new game editions that they may want–especially if they are avid gamers of consoles like PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or the Wii.

Gift Cards

If you really have no clue what your teen wants, give her a gift card. You can give her a card to her favorite restaurant, fast food or drink place–like Chipotle or Jamba Juice. Another option is to give teens prepaid credit cards. They can use these anywhere that Visa, or the type of card you get, is accepted. This allows them the freedom to chose an item they want that you may not have known.

Movie and Popcorn

A cute idea is to give a teen a movie gift basket. Fill this basket with one or two new or favorite movies, popcorn and candy. This way the teen can invite his friends over to watch the movie or enjoy the snacks himself. You can include a blanket as well to make the experience even more comfortable.

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Board Game

Teens are older and able to play more games. Give games that are enjoyable to play with large groups like Apples to Apples, Catch Phrase and Scattergories. You can also give the teen a deck of cards and teach her games that engaging in groups, like spoons. Whatever game you give, ensure that it is group-friendly to encourage the teen to invite friends over.

Active Wear

Many teens are active playing school sports or working out with friends in their free time. Give them workout wear that will make it easier to workout or that they need. For example, give a gym bag that is able to hold all of the gear the teen needs to carry around with him. Or, if he needs a new pair of running shoes, take him to buy a pair (shoes are an individual decision based on comfort and the person’s foot, so do not buy shoes without him). You can also give him the most high performance gear if he is serious about his sport.