Choosing The Right Processor For Your Needs

Buying a computer can be a daunting task.

The computer processing unit, or CPU, is the most important component of a computer, as it is the central point in which the computer input and output functions are coordinated. When you are looking to buy a new computer processor, you will want to choose the best processor for your planned use. If you are only going to use the computer for word processing and surfing the Internet, then you can buy a dependable processor that costs less, and does less, than you will need if you play networked 3D video games.

Assess Your Computing Needs

Before you shop for a computer, you will want to assess your personal computing needs to help determine the best computer processor to buy. Many home computer users need a computer that can allow them to surf the Web, conduct word processing and do basic video and image display and editing. Power computer users who conduct highly intensive computer operations such as networked video games or watch a lot of online movies will need a faster processor capable of supporting multiple programs running at the same time.

Comparing Manufacturers

For computer users who simply surf the Internet and watch movies, both the new i3 Intel processor and entry-level AMD CPU will perform satisfactorily. If you are going to play networked video games on the computer, you will want to price-compare the i5 and i7 Intel computer chips, which are capable of the fastest multitasking at the highest level of performance. The latest AMD processors have significantly improved their performance for 3D games, but the Intel chips remain the more popular option for power users with this need. The AMD Athlon 64 FX chip is one of the popular high-end processors for users who have a need to conduct high-volume video editing, but Intel’s Core i7, with its Turbo Boost and Hyper-Threading, is able to conduct more functions at once.

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Use Your Budget Wisely

When selecting the best processor for your needs, your budget will play a significant factor in your decision. Many computer users will mistakenly buy the cheapest computer available on the market, where if they took some extra time to consider the advantages of the mid- or high-end processors, their computer may stay useful longer. The latest computer processors have significantly changed the performance difference between the low- and high-end computer chipsets. The Intel Core i3, for example, will provide performance suitable for the majority of home computer users, where the Intel i5 and i7 will be better suited for those computer users who have an immediate need to run multiple high-end programs at the same time on their computer.