Choose Dvd Burning Software

Chances are that you already have DVD burning software installed on your computer, if it has a DVD write drive installed. However, it’s likely that your pre-installed software doesn’t have all the features that you need. Before upgrading your DVD burning software, take time to review the features of the best DVD burning software and test drive a few programs before you buy.


1. Decide if you want all the possible bells and whistles or if you need just a few more features than you presently have in your pre-installed software. Since software changes rapidly, consider whether your burning activities are more professional than amateur.

2. Read unbiased DVD burning software reviews at Cnet and PCWorld. These trusted websites will allow you to compare features, review editor’s ratings and get user opinions. These reviews usually compare earlier versions of software with new releases.

3. Download a free or trial version of a DVD burning software package that received good ratings from the trusted sources. Most trial software downloads expire in 30 days, some even sooner. Schedule sufficient time to complete your assessment.

4. Use your downloaded software frequently for a month to get an idea of how easy the software is to use and whether it actually has the features you need most of the time.

5. Make your own list of important features, based on your trial software experience.

6. Narrow your DVD burning software list to down to no more than three choices. Compare the features and cost, if any, for these three.

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7. Select the software that is easiest to use, based on your experience, as long as it fits your budget and your system.