Choose A Video Editing Program

Simple video editing programs, which you use to assemble, edit, and add special effects to video clips, are generally bundled with video capture cards. If you are looking to upgrade, expect to spend hundreds of dollars for a good consumer program or thousands of dollars for a professional program.


1. Evaluate your video needs to decide whether to buy a consumer program or a professional program.

2. Research popular video editing programs from Adobe, Avid Video, FutureTel, In Sync, and Ulead.

3. Read reviews in computer and video magazines and on the Internet to narrow your choices.

4. Compare features and prices of programs.

5. If your video capture card came with an abridged version of Adobe Premiere or Ulead MediaStudio, expect to get a good deal upgrading to the full version. If you don’t like the abridged versions, see if either manufacturer currently offers a competitive upgrade.

6. Compare how easy the programs are to use. Even if you have money to burn, more powerful programs will always be more complicated.

7. Compare compression formats and options. If you will be delivering video over the Web, for example, you will want to compress your video as much as possible with a low frame rate. If you’ll be using the video in many different ways, you’ll want a lot of options.

8. Find out your upgrade options if considering entry-level software made by a manufacturer with a full line of video editing programs.

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