Choose A Graphics Card For Gateway Computers

Video card

Choosing a new graphics card for your Gateway computer is not hard compared to many other computer tasks, but it may leave you a little confused if you don’t know what you are doing and trying to get a new card on your own. For the most part, you just need to understand what will fit in your Gateway and what card is fast enough to do what you want.


In order to choose a graphics card for your Gateway computer, you need to know what will fit in your Gateway. If you have the paperwork that came with your computer, you can look at the graphics capabilities. It should list something like AGP 4x or PCI Express. All video cards have to connect to one of these slots in the back of your computer. Some video cards are manufactured in different types for each kind of slot, but many are limited to the newest types of slots. If you don’t have your original paperwork, you should call Gateway and provide your serial number so they can look up what type of video card connection you have.

You also have to consider your monitor type. Find out what kind of connection your monitor has, and you will need to get a video card that supports that connection. You will either be working with a VGA type connection or a DVI connection.


You need to decide what is important to you. If you just want an updated video card because yours is broken or just very old, then almost any new video card that will fit your computer will do. If you have some gaming or video editing needs, you’ll want to get a more powerful card. You should plan on spending a few hundred dollars on this. You should look for cards that list a lot of RAM and higher GPU processing ability. The numbers are always changing, so rather than looking for a specific number, compare the cards you find. If you have a game or software that you need to make sure you can use well, then go to the software’s website and find the suggested and recommended hardware listed for optimal use. Looking at the specs for video cards and trying to understand numbers and names that don’t make a lot of sense won’t get you very far. The best guide is to consider benchmarking and reviewing sites like Tom’s Hardware and Anandtech.

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